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BestLife Membership is $150.00* per month
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Join BestLife, a Diverse, Aligned Global Community:

  • Access all daily, live, interactive classes where information is freely shared and lasting connections are made
  • Quickly and Easily access pre-recorded classes and trainings
  • Easily Enroll, at No additional cost, for all additional trainings and webinars offered during your active membership
  • Resource Library of over 1,000 hours of live class recordings including the ones listed below;
    • Guidance for Inspired Living
    • Guided and Aligned Mastermind
    • Business Expansion
    • Feel Good Now Training
    • Business Empowerment
    • Master the Keys to Your BestLife
    • Your Relationships Training
    • In the Flow with Segment Intending
    • Expansion Training
    • The Power of Your Feelings
    • True Abundance Mentoring
    • Wealth and Abundance
    • Your Feel Good Momentum
  • Leadership Training & Development
    • Instructors and Ambassadors Training
    • Leadership Training

Frequently Asked Questions

This purchase gives full access to everything BestLife has to offer
The course starts now and never ends! It's like walking into a buffet! You can pick and choose what you want to participate in, or not! There are daily, live, interactive sessions where information is freely shared and amazing connections are made. It also includes access to all pre-recorded classes and trainings and all future ones for as long as the membership is active.
What if I can't attend the class at the posted time?
That's ok! Just play the recording. You can also get on the next one and jump right in to that live, forward focused, personal empowerment!
What if I don't want to be on camera?
We love you just the way you are. Do what feels comfortable. Zoom has the option to turn off the camera and mute sound and also has a direct dial in with your phone.

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